Retail Unilateral Pricing Policy 
Effective Date: 1-January-2022

CivicaScript, LLC (“CivicaScript”) is dedicated to lowering the cost of common, but high-cost,
generic medications and increasing price transparency of these medicines throughout the U.S. supply chain.

The CivicaScript Unilateral Pricing Policy (“UPP”) sets a Maximum Retail Price (MaxRP) for all
CivicaScript Products. This UPP is designed to fulfill its mission to offer low cost pharmaceuticals to patients. In order to remain in good standing, CivicaScript Resellers must advertise and sell all CivicaScript Products at or below the MaxRP.

Violations or refusal to participate in CivicaScript’s UPP could result in loss of ability to purchase
CivicaScript Products.

A “CivicaScript Product” is any finished drug product with a CivicaScript label or NDC.

A “Reseller” is any merchant that: (1) sells CivicaScript Products to consumers, or (2) sets the
maximum allowable cost or payment limit for CivicaScript Products. This includes, but is not limited to, retail pharmacies (whether operated independently, by insurers, health care providers, or by any other entity), mail-order pharmacies, online dealers, distributors, wholesalers, or pharmacy benefit managers. A Reseller is also anyone that uses CivicaScript trademarks in connection with the advertisement, offering for sale, or sale of CivicaScript Products, whether such use is with or without CivicaScript’s consent.

It is a violation of this UPP to:

  1. Sell a CivicaScript Product at a price above the stated MaxRP;
  2. Set a copay or co-insurance for a CivicaScript Product that is higher than the MaxRP;
  3. Sell CivicaScript Products on a website with ambiguous pricing such as “See Price in Cart” or
    “Contact Us for Pricing,” with a final price higher than the MaxRP.

Consequences of Noncompliance
Although Resellers are free to establish their own prices for CivicaScript Products, CivicaScript will,
without assuming any liability, refuse to accept any new orders for a period of 6 months for a CivicaScript Product for which a Reseller has violated this UPP. At the election of CivicaScript, a second occurrence will result in the indefinite discontinuation of any further sales of such CivicaScript Product to the Reseller.

Additional Information
CivicaScript may update this UPP from time to time by updating the UPP on CivicaScript’s website.

CivicaScript will not discuss any conditions related to this policy, as it is non-negotiated and will not
be altered for any dealer, distributor, or other Reseller. In addition, CivicaScript neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this UPP. Nothing in this UPP shall constitute an agreement between CivicaScript and any Reseller on any subject including that the Reseller will comply with this UPP, or will sell any product at or below any particular price.

CivicaScript will unilaterally determine whether CivicaScript Products are being advertised, offered,
or sold at prices other than in compliance with this UPP. CivicaScript and Civica, Inc. personnel and representatives (collectively, “CivicaScript Representatives”) are not authorized to modify or grant exceptions to this UPP.

You may forward information about non-compliance with this UPP to However,
no CivicaScript Representative will contact you to acknowledge, discuss, respond, or follow up on what you report, nor will they discuss the enforcement of the UPP or pricing practices of other Resellers with you.

Please contact CivicaScript at: with further inquiries.