We develop quality generic medicines, sell them at a sustainable low cost, then work with partners who pass along the savings to their customers.

CivicaScript builds on the success of our sister company, Civica Inc. (Civica Rx), by expanding access to affordable generic medicines beyond the hospital setting to reach consumers directly through retail and home delivery pharmacies. 

Our model is to develop quality generic medicines with our trusted manufacturing partners, then work with like-minded payors, PBMs and pharmacies across the country who pass along the cost savings to their customers. Pharmacies dispense our medicines at no more than our maximum recommended price, or MaxRPTM policy – and consumers can confirm this by scanning the QR code featured on every CivicaScript label.

We anticipate this partnership will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in savings – which will be passed along to the consumers who rely on these essential medicines.

In like fashion to Civica, CivicaScript has grown rapidly; its partners already represent approximately 100 million lives, and the entity is just getting started.”